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Licensed & Certified: General Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Mold Assessor & Remediator. Specializing in Commercial & Residential Construction & Renovation, Mold Treatment, and Property Watch. **Licensed Home Inspector available on premises.

About our Company

We have over 20 years of comprehensive experience in Design-Build Construction, Value Engineering, Renovation, Property Maintenance, Project Management, and even Restaurant Ownership. We also have extensive experience working with some of the leading Mall/Retail Property groups, including Simon and Westfield. Other notable clients have included Restaurant Associates, Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Crumbs Bake Shops, and Energy Kitchen, just to name a few. Our VP of Construction, Ron Soriano, has owned restaurants in New York and SW Florida, and has the unique ability to understand what business owners need from an insider’s perspective.

We do everything from construction, to project management, to general property maintenance. We are a small, independent company that offers 24-hour Emergency Response, as well as individualized general maintenance plans with timeframes and frequency that work for you. We would like the opportunity to speak with you further about how King Property Solutions could save you time, money, and stress.  No job is too big or too small, and we are willing to travel in or out of state to service multiple locations. Please contact us today with your bidding procedure or to ask us any questions on what, specifically, we can do to help YOU. 

King — building a better world!

“I am proud to represent our company as quality of our work is high-class. Our team is devoted to work and we appreciate every opinion.”

Ronald Soriano — Construction Manager



Whether it’s environmental or economical, everyone today is “Green-Conscious.” Unfortunately, too many construction companies are content with writing of wasted resources (time, money & materials) as an unfortunate but acceptable part of the job.

At King Construction, we understand how valuable your “green” is to you. Through our advanced Design-Build Construction and Value Engineering services, we work with owners and architects on the front end to provide creative ideas and expert solutions that ensure every project, large or small, will be conducted in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.


Design-Build Construction service is a highly efficient, turnkey solution that brings design and construction services under one contract.  For owners, using a single design build contractor provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Expediting delivery times
  • Eliminating extensive procurement times
  • Minimizing risk through a single, accountable entity
  • Reducing the hassle of multiple contracts and contractors


Value = Performance/Cost

With every construction project, there are opportunities to improve value. Value Engineering (VE) is the process of discovering those opportunities.

VALUE is directly proportionate to the ratio of PERFORMANCE over COST. Working closely with the owner and design-build team, each project is analyzed to determine ideas and procedures that will produce the BEST value for the customer, yielding the highest possible performance and quality, for the lowest possible cost – both immediate and long-term.


Here at King Construction, we are not only dedicated to helping you save the green in your wallet, we are constantly looking for new ways to minimize our ecological footprints at each job site. We currently adopt the following practices:

  • Designing To Prevent Waste
  • Planning For Waste Prevention
  • Preventing Waste On-Site
  • Purchasing To Prevent Waste
  • Improving Energy Efficiency for the Finished Product
Mary Karter Manager

Working with BuildWall is a pleasure, as working with high-class professionals is always a pleasure. I am completely satisfied with my project. I selected BuildWall…

Adam Smith Accountant

Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself. BuildWall is a team of like-minded people who indeed love their job.…

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I selected BuildWall among other companies because of good recommendations I’ve heard. Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself.…

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